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Recent Data

Municipal Boundaries Update

We have updated the Municipal Boundary and Municipal Boundary Change layers based on the following: Camden – 1999 Geometry Correction Lincoln – 2011 Annexation Little Rock – 2017 Annexation Marshall – 2006 Annexation Vilonia – 2014 Geometry Correction Users can review both the Municipal Boundary and Municipal Boundary Change layers, as well as the associated ordinances and supporting documentation, using our web […]

2017 Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) Submitted to US Census Bureau

On February 28th, the Arkansas GIS Office submitted the 2017 BAS (Boundary and Annexation Survey) to the US Census Bureau. Included in this submittal are annexations/de-annexations/boundary changes recorded with the Secretary of State’s Office in 2017. Also included are boundary corrections and historic annexations that took place prior to 2017. Below is a breakdown of […]

Geocode Service Change Notification

SERVICE NOTIFICATION On May 1st, 2018 the Arkansas GIS office will implement a major change to the geocode services available at The service titled GEOSTOR_COMPOSITE will be deprecated. After this date users will no longer have access to this service. The service titled ASDI_Composite_Locator will be replaced by the service currently titled ASDI_Composite_Locator_Beta. This […]